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Thé Russe

It was cold in Paris that October day in 1975 when Philippe received a hand-written note from Mischa Barinov of St. Petersburg; an invitation to view a rare, privately held collection of antiquities. He departed by train that very evening. Two days later, he arrived in the study of a mansion on the Griboyedov Canal. Settling into a Louis XIV bergère beside the fireplace, he was enveloped by the blended scents of ancient, leather-bound books, the crackling fire, and the steam of black tea rising from a spectacular samovar. Mischa appeared in the doorway. “Thank you for coming. I think you will find it well worth your travels. But first, tea...” Then, in regard to Philippe’s obvious obsession with the samovar, “Tobrak bronze, circa 1775.”
Thé Russe
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Parfums de Voyage Thé Russe No.75 Incense
Parfums de Voyage Thé Russe No.75 Candle - 3-wick
Parfums de Voyage Thé Russe No.75 Candle