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Luminescence / Candles

Reminiscent of keepsakefrom an African safari or discoveries in an old-world cabinet of curiosities, L'Objet candles suggest a world of fascination and craftmanship. The collection features hand-sculpted finial details, hand-gilded 24-karat gold accents, and an intoxicating signature fragrance.
Luminescence / Candles
25 results
Coral Candle
Elephant Noir Candle - Medium
Birdcage Candle
Butterfly Candle
Elephant Candle - Medium
Veuve Noir Candle
Leopard Candle
Key Candle - Medium
Crocodile Candle - Gold
Bibliothèque Candle - Or
Cinnabar Candle
Lito Candle - Or
Lapis Candle
Lito Candle - Bleu
Haas Mojave Palm Candle
Key Noir Candle - Medium
Turtle Candle
Malachite Candle
Cubisme Candle - Black & White
Bois d'Or Candle
Bois de Platine Candle
Key Candle 3-wick - Large
Elephant Candle 3-wick - Large
Cubisme Candle 3-wick - Black & White
Han Candle 3-wick - Medium - Gold